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Managing and operating agricultural lands is not an easy task, this is where CampoSoft comes in, a tool that's designed for technicians and farmers to help them maintain a good control of their lands and register their farms.

This program comes with all the features needed to improve farm management, such as irrigation and fertilizing operations; as well as letting you obtain the listings and logbooks you need in order to comply with required norms and quality certifications, such as the basic farm log required by Spanish laws found in ORDEN APA/326/2007.

CampoSoft manages all of the expenses and income for any harvest with easy and intuitive data entry, it controls production, tasks, costs and traceability, among other features. It also offer the option of consulting the operations history and printing out the completed logs.

The good thing about this application is that it lets you simultaneously manage several plots which each have their own data base in which you can fill in information easily thanks to its great interface.
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